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Rose Arch

Designed to replace a previous structure for an established rambling rose.  The stylised hearts match existing metalwork at the property.

gallery/rose arch detail bare
gallery/rose arch in situ
gallery/rose arch side
gallery/rose arch open side
gallery/rose arch side tall
gallery/rose arch heart in fir
gallery/rose arch detail long side

Jasmine Trellis

set of 5 pieces designed to overlap and float above the wall.  This was a lovely job to do.  The jasmine only needed to keep the sticks for a week or two until it properly attached itself to the new trellis system.

gallery/trellis front side
gallery/trellis detail reverse close
gallery/trellis floating base close
gallery/trellis front bedding in
gallery/trellis detail reverse
gallery/jasmine trellis front

Welly Boot Stand or Rack

Designed to fit into a small storm porch but still store the wellies of a family of four finished in grey to vanish into the background. The second is a smaller version to fit a couples' garden shoes and wellies, finished in black hammerite for a very hard wearing finish.

gallery/welly stand bare
gallery/welly stand with boots
gallery/welly stand bare in situ
gallery/boot stand porch
gallery/boot stand porch close up

House Number

The front door is set back from the street and the house number was hard to see, putting this within a recess in the gate post solved the problem.  The street has lots of trees in it so the leaf theme fitted beautifully.

gallery/house no blue sky
gallery/house no detail leaf
gallery/house no front whole
gallery/house no front on

Big Planter

Inspired by a tulip this large planter is now a few years old and is standing the test of time well.  The daisies in it however are admittedly a bit scruffy!!!!

gallery/tulip planter
gallery/tulip planter curve detail
gallery/tulip planter side detail
gallery/big planter detail
gallery/tulip plant pot whole

Lantern / Tea Light Holder

This looks like a little 'Torro' and is to hold little lantern or hanging tea light holders.  It has a stake to push into the ground

gallery/lantern hook detail
gallery/lantern hook tall
gallery/lantern hook detail twist
gallery/lantern hook left
gallery/lantern lit side detail
gallery/lantern lit detail

Clematis Trellis

This lovely piece is designed to lift the plant up and over to leave space for tomato plants to be grown against the wall.  It is fixed securely to the wall at three points.

gallery/clematis trellis whole
gallery/clematis trellis in production
gallery/clematis trellis right detail
gallery/clematis trellis center wide
gallery/clematis trellis left detail