About Us

Our aim is to step away from the generic and make the practical beautiful.

Hi there, this is just a quick bit about us and what we love to do.  Llandaff Garden Metalwork is a small family run company based in the heart of Llandaff, Cardiff, a City within a City.  The designing and making is done by Jess with invaluable support from husband Andrew on the numbers side of things.

Jess – I am a creative welder fabricator, mum and aspiring gardener.  I am a problem solver by nature and my desire is to create beautiful solutions to everyday problems. I was a Design Technology teacher for 12 years teaching Resistant Materials and Product Design.  Since 2015 I have been a creative welder fabricator working mainly in the TV, film and theatre industry.  Creating beautiful things for lovely people is where my passion really is though.  I set up Llandaff Garden Metalwork in 2018 and the clients that I have worked with so far have been over the moon with the results.  I am a coded welder holding codes ISO9606 and BS4872.

Previous Work

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work on some awesome projects, from massive ones like the new Tardis for Jodie Whittaker’s Dr Who to smaller ones like a 1.6m bow to go on top of a big gift box at Hampton Court Palace one Christmas.  London Waterloo has seen some sights too with a herd of Velociraptors appearing one morning and Mr Staypuft climbing out of the floor on another.  Not forgetting the famous Ball in the Wall on Cardiff Castle for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.  Occasionally there would be a project where the metalwork was on show such as the Tulip Lights for Bottlegreen in 2015 or the 8m long racing bike for the Tour of Britain in 2018.  There have been a lot of dinosaurs, dragons and spaceships; now for something a little closer to home……and the ground.

We provide a wide range of services, from bespoke tailored products to repairs of gates, benches and general metalwork.

At a glance:

Rose arches                              


Plant supports          

Hanging basket hooks and baskets

Small gates                                   

Shepherds Hut ‘A’ Frames         

Plant pot holders and stands

House numbers

Weather vanes


Hanging basket trees

Lantern hooks

Gate fitting and repair

Garden screens

Big planters

Sculptural planters

And anything else that you may desire for your garden or outdoor space

design workspace paper and pencil and cup of ea

The process

I like to design using pencil and paper and follow the design process through from start to finish.  I will have a chat with you face to face or over the phone to find out what it is that you would like and then start designing based on your requirements.  A provisional quote is done at this point.  I usually send designs to you via email or WhatsApp for you to see and any changes and developments can be made as many times as you like.  When we have a design that you are happy with I’m able to work out a time frame and an accurate cost for your project.