Here you will find examples of the work that I’ve done over the last few years. For more detail on each project have a look at the drop down menu.

Rose Arches, Pond Covers and Screens

Table legs, brackets and lamps

Brass, Copper and Restorations

Flowers and Glass

Glass work

This was a collaboration with a local glass artist.  The lovely Tina Rossiter had made these glass circles and the heart and needed stands for them to be displayed.  The glass heart was made for her son’s wedding day.  I loved the happy little dance she did when she saw them for the first time!!!


Table legs

I loved this project.  A local man had made these tabletops from reclaimed hardwood flooring and wanted steel bands put around them and legs made and fitted.  The results speak for themselves.  It was great to work with another maker too.

Chain Hearts

A fathers’ day gift requested to show the family connection and the love of cycling.  Simple and lovely.  Made from reclaimed bike chain and an old pine board.

Pond Covers

The result of this first piece of work is fabulous, even though I do say so myself!!  It has two functions apart from being rather lovely to look at; it prevents the local heron from stealing the fish and it provides a safe cover for the pond in case of falls or trips by the owners.  The steel is set on its edge which makes it much lighter to look at but also makes it very strong.  The client wanted something designed in the Charles Rennie Macintosh style and she was very pleased with the result.  The second one included leaving the beach section of the pond free for hedgehogs to access the water.  The other part of it was to stop anyone falling in the water. They wanted an open but interesting design.

Coptic Cross

I loved this project too.  A local lady had this brass Coptic Cross that she liked to have standing on her hearth where it could catch the sun and cast amazing shadows but it kept falling over.  My brief was to create a base for it that matched its style without being fussy or too big.  The result was a neat, heavy base that the cross fixes to almost invisibly.  It was great to be able to re-purpose and old piece of steel for this as it showed its age and wasn’t too new looking.

Railings, Handrails and Balustrade

During lockdown a lot of people realised that they wanted new railings for the front of their houses and I was around to provide these!!!  From very simple to a bit more detailed anything is possible.

Shelf Brackets

I’ve been asked several times to make bespoke heavy weight shelf brackets, usually for really interesting and beautiful pieces of wood or very specific requirements.

Clematis Trellis

This lovely piece is designed to lift the plant up and over to leave space for tomato plants to be grown against the wall.  It is fixed securely to the wall at three points.

Big Planter

Inspired by a tulip this large planter is now a few years old and is standing the test of time well.  The cape daisies in it however are admittedly a bit scruffy!!!!

House Number

The front door is set back from the street and the house number was hard to see, putting this within a recess in the gate post solved the problem.  The street has lots of trees in it so the leaf theme fitted beautifully.

Rose Arch

Designed to replace a previous structure for an established rambling rose.  The stylised hearts match existing metalwork at the property.

Jasmine Trellis

Set of 5 pieces designed to overlap and float above the wall.  This was a lovely job to do.  The jasmine only needed to keep the sticks for a week or two until it properly attached itself to the new trellis system.